June 26, 2011

 Needed to find some distant marina pictures for a book cover jacket that I have been commissioned to paint.  Had fun taking pictures from the Berkeley side of the river to the Lanoka Harbor Side.  Got some nice shots.

We also walked through Berkeley Island Park in Bayville where I found this cute little bird just hanging out, so I shot a picture of him too. 

I needed some pictures of stormy skies, so we shot them too.

On the way home, we found an egret searching for his dinner in the marshes, so I got him too.  All in all a fun day shared with my husband…it’s a great place to live and a wonderful place for an artist to get material.



  1. Nice pics! 🙂

  2. There is some beauty everywhere. The trick is to see it. I remember many times reflecting on the beauty God put in place for use to see on the New Jersey shore. Because it so radically contrasted the ugliness that surrounded it, it really stood out. I remember many times out on the Barnegat Bay with my family (and my boat) remarking on how pleasant and peaceful it was. Pleasant was easy to achieve, peaceful took some planning. Thanks for the blog post. There are times when I miss salt water.

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