Associate with the Lowly

July 17, 2011

Romans 13:16 goes on to say “Do not be haughty, but associate with the lowly, live peaceably with all, never be conceited.” 

I find that to be true in recovery.  I see it there most of the time.  No one is looked down upon.  All are welcomed no matter what their condition or status.   Actually, for the most   part, no one’s status is even known.  The one who is the “lowly”, the “least”, the most needy is the one best welcomed, encouraged, accepted and loved. 

In the Church at large—not so much.  


One comment

  1. So true … lets make a pact to be improved in this area!
    Let’s prefer others above ourselves … easy to type, not so much to live [for me] … this is going to be challenging!

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