Quench not the Spirit

November 10, 2012

In the aftermath of  Hurricane Sandy, many of us on the east coast did not lose our homes; some did not even lose electricity.  Some of us did lose power for days, but when we see the magnitude of the losses around us, we are grateful to have lost so little.  Many of us have been helping others wherever we can.   We are “doing” and “coping”.  We think we are OK, because we have been spared the storm’s wrath.

 But we who are Christians and who have the Holy Spirit within us are wondering why we are unable to concentrate, are at the brink of tears, are not “ourselves”.  We feel guilty that we have come through the storm nearly unscathed and still feel a sense of loss.  We don’t understand.

 In speaking to a friend, I realized that the Holy Spirit within us has given us God’s love, His “feelings” so to speak.  God is weeping for his children and we are the holders of His tears.  We are His body…  Let His tears fall through us, let his love pour out, cry out in prayer in groans and uttering’s that we cannot understand.  Pray earnestly for those who need our prayers and help. Quench not the Spirit!


One comment

  1. Awsome! God Is Incontrol! He Never Leaves us or forsakes us! Jesus is interceeding at the right hand of the father for us!

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