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Ro. 12:12c-Be Constant in Prayer…

July 8, 2011

 I don’t know about you, but when I am in trouble (or tribulation) it is easy to be constant in prayer.  I am afraid and run to my Father, imploring Him to help me.  But, as we learned yesterday Paul says to be patient in tribulation.

 I once asked my Pastor how to combat the fear that strikes suddenly, without warning.  He told me to pray in the Spirit as soon as I felt fear.  I began doing so.  I began to realize that when that false fear drops into my soul, it comes from what we call “no-where”.  Therefore, it is not mine and it is not real.  I do not have to let it take hold, I can cast down the “vain imagination”, and pray in the Spirit until peace returns and go on with my day.

 I use this example only because Paul exhorts us here to be constant in prayer.  Since I had so many of those false fear attacks, it became a habit to immediately pray in the Spirit.  I find myself today often praying in the Spirit without even thinking about it. 

I surround myself with praise and worship music, am aware of my Lord most of the time and am surprised at how much time I spend praying. Most of my prayers are self-centered, not for stuff, but to keep my mind straight so that I can be of maximum use to others.  I will work on this with God’s help.

 I, by no means, have this down pat.  It seems I pray more than I thought I do.  I still don’t pray enough, but God isn’t finished with me yet.