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The Dance

February 7, 2012

During my prayer time this morning, I was overwhelmed by the sense of freedom I have in Christ. I saw myself dancing and floating and spinning and twirling in sheer joy and happiness with my Lord. I could have stayed there forever just basking in His presence, in gratitude and fullness of life. What a wonderful gift I have been given.

This gift is available to everyone! I can fly, dance, run, play and be safe in Him. I pray that I will have opportunity to let others know that this is for them too. Those who don’t know Jesus Christ cannot understand freedom in its purest sense. Those who have invited Him into their lives find themselves finally whole, finally filled, finally secure inside. We find that empty place in ourselves empty no longer. It is easy to enter into this permanent, eternal freedom…just ask Him to come into your life; He’ll take care of the rest. See you at the dance.


Ro. 12:12c-Be Constant in Prayer…

July 8, 2011

 I don’t know about you, but when I am in trouble (or tribulation) it is easy to be constant in prayer.  I am afraid and run to my Father, imploring Him to help me.  But, as we learned yesterday Paul says to be patient in tribulation.

 I once asked my Pastor how to combat the fear that strikes suddenly, without warning.  He told me to pray in the Spirit as soon as I felt fear.  I began doing so.  I began to realize that when that false fear drops into my soul, it comes from what we call “no-where”.  Therefore, it is not mine and it is not real.  I do not have to let it take hold, I can cast down the “vain imagination”, and pray in the Spirit until peace returns and go on with my day.

 I use this example only because Paul exhorts us here to be constant in prayer.  Since I had so many of those false fear attacks, it became a habit to immediately pray in the Spirit.  I find myself today often praying in the Spirit without even thinking about it. 

I surround myself with praise and worship music, am aware of my Lord most of the time and am surprised at how much time I spend praying. Most of my prayers are self-centered, not for stuff, but to keep my mind straight so that I can be of maximum use to others.  I will work on this with God’s help.

 I, by no means, have this down pat.  It seems I pray more than I thought I do.  I still don’t pray enough, but God isn’t finished with me yet.